AD Consult, a.s. is a private consulting and design engineering company with activities in environmental engineering, in particular in water management systems - water supply systems and sewage systems for towns and villages. Company engineers rank to the best experts in Slovakia in the sphere of complete preparation and management of applications for promotion from Phare CBC, ISPA, Cohesion fund, Structural funds and local grant schemes as well as in hydraulics of waste water treatment plants, sewer systems modelling and technology processes of waste water treatment plants.

The company currently employs 6 sanitary engineers, out of them two are chartered civil engineers and three are members of Association of Waste Water Experts in SR.

AD Consult, a.s. provides above all preparing applications for financial support from various Slovak, European and other international funds including:
Feasibility studies and complex water supply and sewage system master plan preparation
Environmental Impact Assessment screening studies preparation
Providing financial and economic analysis in compliance with latest EU requirements
Tender documentation preparation for executing construction supervision and for project contractors according to FIDIC contract conditions
Providing Project Manager services for ISPA projects

Preparing complete design engineering documentation for water pipelines, sewage systems and waste water treatment plants
Mathematics modelling and dynamic hydraulic simulation for water pipeline systems
Modelling surface waterways, sewage systems simulation, dynamic simulation of processes in waste water treatment plants for various operation conditions
Hydraulic and technology surveys of water pipelines and sewage pipelines for the purpose of reducing water loss and water in-filtration to sewage systems
Feasibility studies of water pipeline and sewage pipeline systems
Training courses for mentioned expertise

All key employees are graduates of foreign universities and have long-term international professional experience from Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary and Germany, determining their expertise, language skills (English, German) and prolific company contacts to foreign universities and consulting companies such as Danish Hydraulic Institute (Denmark), National Water Research Institute (Canada), Delft Hydraulics (The Netherlands), Carl Bro Group (Denmark), Safege (Belgium), Witteveen+Bos (The Netherlands), Atkins (England), Ramboll (Denmark), EAWAG Dübendorf (Switzerland), TU Budapest (Hungary), etc. The company representatives are often invited to be involved into international expert teams for projects related to rational use of water and environmental protection.

In recent years, the company experts have been involved into the following projects:
Preparing majority of ISPA applications, e.g. Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Komárno, Žitný ostrov, South-east Zemplín, Liptov, Poprad, Phare projects, e.g. Zemplínska Šírava, Biela Orava, Poprad-Dunajec, etc.
Preparing tender documentation for ISPA projects, e.g. Zvolen, Komárno, south-east Zemplín, Liptov, Martin, Žilina, Poprad, Košice or for Cohesion Fund projects of Horné Kysuce or the Orava Region
Preparing the first environment-focused application to cohesion fund "Water Supply and Sewerage of Horné Kysuce" for the client, North-Slovakian Water Company, Severoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s., Žilina
Preparing applications to structural fund (Dunajská Streda, Hurbanovo, Tatra region, etc.)
Preparing design engineering documentation (studies, land-use permit designs and construction permit designs, detailed engineering documentation) for water and sewage pipeline systems and waste water treatment plants
Modelling surface runoff and stormwater infiltration from urbanised areas and highways
Monitoring infiltration waters in sewage systems and complex monitoring of waste water treatment plants
Solving special hydraulic problems of waste water treatment plants including separation characteristics of sewage sludge in secondary sedimentation tanks
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